"I wanted to see the universe, so I stole a Time Lord and I ran away."

Invasion of the very small cubes, that’s new.

"He’s the same man. Always.""

anonymous asked you: ten or eleven?



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Hey Jude in minor key instead of major, almost sounds like a different song!

Anonymous asked : okay Donna Noble or Amy Pond :)


literally what we know about the twelfth doctor’s thoughts and views of the universe around him from what we’ve seen on the show as well as spoilers floating around the internet:

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I really like your theory about RYCBAR123-4, and that's Moffat's style. I just wish she won't die because I'll never get over it. I have another idea for Clara leaving the show. Moffat said Clara became very attached to the eleventh Doctor and that somehow Jenna belongs next to Matt Smith. So I'd like to think that when the Doctor went to his timestream to save her, he creates echos of himself too all over the universe (pompei). So I'd like to see Clara ending with one of his "eleventh" echos.


Thank you! I’ve been mulling it over for a while now. It would be absolutely heartbreaking if Clara was killed off, but I really can’t see another ending. Although, Moffat does like to be original. If she ends up leaving, I think that goes against her characterisation completely - she has a life of her own and the Doctor already. Besides, personally, I favour heartbreaking endings that feel like a punch in the stomach. Sometimes they’re fitting ends to strong characters. 

That’s a very good point you make and supposedly being touched on in series eight - possible echoes of the Doctor. That would be adorable and lovely and oh my god, everyone would be in tears! Clara and Eleven would get their happily ever after. The show could even go back and visit them now and again, aw. However, this is Moffat we’re talking about, he’s not as sentimental as RTD. I would love it to happen, but I think it’s a little bit too similar to Rose and Ten for it to follow through. (If you have any other theories, send them in, I love hearing them!)

Is it bad that your theory makes me want to write a fanfiction with that ending? Imagine the adorableness!

RYCBAR12 - 4


If the Doctor and Clara’s story was written in the style of a book, this would be essential foreshadowing. 

Since it isn’t, however, and it’s written as a script we can’t guarantee this is foreshadowing at all on Moffat’s part, but for arguments sake, let’s pretend this is going to end up being meaningful. 

In The Bells of Saint John, Clara typed in a wifi password while she was on the phone to the Doctor. This phone call (which wouldn’t have happened for the first place if it wasn’t for the woman in the shop) alerted the Doctor to the fact it was Clara he was speaking to - exactly the person he was trying to figure out and find. 

Angie says the password is RYCBAR123. But that isn’t what Clara types. 

Clara types RYCBAR124 because the Doctor distracts her and she makes a mistake. 

If you aren’t aware of English Literature and how authors foreshadow with imagery through their books, then this wouldn’t hold any significance. However, every time I watch this scene (studying English Literature and Linguistics at university) it just sticks out to me, like a big smudge on the screen. 

The password stands for “run you clever boy and remember” which as we all know, Clara repeats every time she dies to save the Doctor’s life. 

As for the numbers 123, Clara dies three times to save the Doctor; in the Dalek Asylum, as the Victorian Governess and in the series 7 finale at Trenzalore. This was definitely foreshadowing. 

But the first time around, Clara doesn’t type “123.” In fact, she doesn’t have the chance to type 3 at all, instead, she types “124.”

This could be a clever foreshadowing device used my Moffat, and if it is, I congratulate him for sneaking it into Clara’s very first episode. As the original password suggested Clara would die for a third time (remember, at this point we didn’t know) and it came true, then why is Clara typing 4 by accident significant? 

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